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In today's business environment, there are many reasons why organisations require a workflow solution that converts paper documents into digital assets. Legislation, process efficiency, storage issues and information access requirements are just some of the challenges our customers experience. Whatever the reason, the ability to convert paper documents into digital assets has become a core component of the way many of our customers do business. Samsung's Document Capture and Routing Solutions are integral to ensuring that our customers create a seamless and intuitive infrastructure for on-demand digital document requirements that support the use of documents throughout their business lifecycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Create more efficient information exchange by capturing, classifying, indexing and sending documents digitally.
  • Build quick, slick and simple process efficiency centred on digital document transmissions around your organisation using simultaneous broadcast of the same document to facilitate sales order, administration and finance department processes.
  • Improve the security of transferring paper-based information around your organisation while improving its speed of transfer.
  • Improve user productivity by reducing the time spent looking for documents.
  • Reduce physical business storage and storage management costs by digitising documents.
  • Ideal for order processes where duplicate scanned or faxed documents need to be sent to multiple destinations such as FTP, email, fax, network server or the Internet at the same time.
  • Build robust, secure processes with document authentication and digital sign-off procedures that improve process throughput and ensure secure transmission.


SmarThru™ Office

SmarThru™ Office is a personal document management solution that enables the capture of paper documents from multifunction devices for storage into digital folders. Scanned documents can be indexed or bound and sent to various destinations or applications such as Optical Character Recognition software or editing programmes. Network scanning is integrated into the solution so users do not need to install additional software to use the scanning function. Supported products for Samsung SmarThru™ Office are the SCX-6122FN/6322DN and the SCX-6345N.

SmarThru™ Workflow

SmarThru™ Workflow is a digital document management solution that streamlines document capture and distribution. The key to SmarThru™'s customised workflow for scanned document is the Workform. The Workform enables users to set up one-step transmission direct from the Samsung multifunction device to multiple destinations within the organisation. This solution application is server-based, supporting multiple users and devices and can be extended with various plug-ins. Supported products for Samsung SmarThru™ Workflow are the MultiXpress 6345N, MultiXpress 6555N(SCX-6555N), SCX-5835FN, SCX-5935FN, and MultiXpress C8380.

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