Laurentian Business Products Centre is the North’s leader in business imaging technology solutions.

We offer a full line up of business-strength advanced imaging products, services and support.


We are a full service office products distributor serving the Sudbury, North Bay and Northshore markets. Founded in 1975, Laurentian Business Products is locally owned and owner-operated. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible solution for their imaging needs as well as professional and timely service. The high quality product manufacturers that we represent speak for themselves, but the product that we provide that makes us the proudest is our unprecedented excellent service.

We support our community by providing employment, purchasing goods and services locally and by supporting charity and community programs. We carry a complete selection of office technology products such as multi-function units, facsimiles, printers and audio/visual systems.

Benefits and Advantages to Equipment Leasing and Rentals

100% Financing – LBPC provides total financing with no down payment.  Hardware, software and even service can be financed, enabling you to obtain the 'total' solution.

Conserves Valuable Working Capital – Equipment purchased with cash depletes your working capital.  Financing through LBPC Leasing allows that working capital to be utilized more effectively for other purposes.

Ease of Acquisition – LBPC Leasing provides the convenience of one stop shopping. Once you select the equipment, you then decide on the payment terms that best fit your budget. LBPC Leasing can then arrange the simple and straight-forward documentation.

Tax Advantages – Due to the accounting and tax treatment of leases, an LBPC lease may provide tax timing benefits to your business. The savings involved will vary depending upon the type of equipment, lease terms and your marginal tax bracket. Generally, lease payments can be treated as operating expenses rather than captial expenditures, thereby providing a full and immediate deduction.